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I volunteered to post SGA fanart recs for [community profile] fanart_recs. These are the ones I recced (and three I never got to posting). Please note: I know nothing of art so my terminology falls short. :)

Escape Velocity by Aesc (words by [ profile] dogeared), Gen, SFW
Content: Character driven five page comic, made in digital collage. Brooding and dense.

Sky Chase by Calcitrix, Gen, SFW
Content: A chase scene in pastels featuring Lorne, Parrish, Rodney, and John. Great detail and refreshing colors.

Like a Wagon Wheel by Brofisting@Tumblr/23crayons@LJ, McKay/Sheppard, SFW
Content: A digital painting of John and Rodney in Iowa 'verse. Charming and unique with crisp, bright tones.

Rononnnnn by JulieDillon, Gen, SFW
Content: Portrait of Ronon Dex in three-quarter profile. Dreamy atmosphere, gorgeous light/shadow.

Paint It Black by Clockwork-Moon@Deviantart/Jen-Suis@Tumblr, McKay/Sheppard, NSFW
Content: Digital painting of John and Rodney making out. Strong black/white/watered-down red color scheme and beautiful scratchy lines.

Sheppard by Aurodi, Gen, SFW
Content: Digital painting of Sheppard firing on a menacing alien creature. Surreal and stylish.

Bus Stop by Newkidfan, McKay/Sheppard (implied), NSFW
Content: Photo manipulation/digital art of Rodney in front of a nude poster of John. Crazy gorgeous, lovely coloration, ugh I love it.

Under an Orange Sky by Anuminis, Gen, SFW
Content: Photo manipulation of Team Sheppard on an orange alien planet. Thanks to [ profile] popkin16 for suggesting her work because it's bright, creative, and lovely.


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