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I thought I'd post recs earlier, but Dragoncon happened.

Day Six by [personal profile] ladysorka, PG, 3000 words, John and Rodney are trapped in separate, tiny rooms by Ancient technology, so they fill their time by talking via radio. This is a poignant story with great dialogue, the keen edge of John's longing, and beautiful bird symbolism courtesy of John's POV.
Warning for:Possible (but not probable) character death.

Save Your Goodbyes by [ profile] fictionalforce, PG-13, 1784 words, This frame story features Rodney's deeply emotional sessions with Kate Heightmeyer intercut with flashbacks to John and Rodney's last night together. It's very touching and effective.
Warning for: Character death.

Here’s To Hoping by [ profile] roaringmice, PG-13, 1078 words, In light of John and Rodney's conversation while hiding out from the Wraith offworld, Rodney adds another item on his wishlist. This story is a friendship/preslash fic, with charming John and Rodney voices. Also charming: Rodney keeps a wishlist at Jeannie's behest.

The Birds Are the Bees by [ profile] mizufae, NC-17, 2500 words, Sexxxx pollen! AR-1 falls prey to dreaded sex pollen offworld, leading to some dreamy, sexy sex between our guys. What follows is all the requisite paperwork (form Q-78-B should become common fanon) and John's John-like awkwardness over enjoying a cuddle with Rodney.
Warning for: sex pollen related dub-con (no violence or coercion).

Playing It Cool by [ profile] secondalto, PG-13, 1100 words, Atlantis gets news of the Supreme Court striking down DOMA and Prop 8, and Rodney and John react accordingly (Rodney by ranting, John by taking decisive action). This fic has excellent rapport between the guys, a nice and easy tone, and some hilarious dialogue (John's reaction is pretty priceless).

Comfort Zone by [ profile] sgamadison, NC-17, 15982 words, Rodney and John have been together for some time in this story. When Rodney realizes that, he sort of mentally hyperventilates. This fic has fantastic Rodney POV, with his trademark problem-solving frenetic energy, that subtly strips down Rodney's insecurities and the intensity of his feelings for John. Ronon and Teyla also make excellent cameos in this fic. Also contains Teyla/Kanaan, Ronon/Amelia.

Cultural Exchange: Another College AU by [ profile] therentgirls, PG-13, 6772 words, Rodney is studying abroad when he meets John, a student and part-time landscaper, at Stanford. Their initial sexual attraction develops into an intense relationship, at which point, Nancy intervenes. John and Rodney's relationship here is consuming and powerful in this fic. I really enjoyed the Atlantis era epilogue, which features some quality Rodney jealousy.

Where’s John? by [ profile] antares04a, PG-13 (last page NSFW), Digital comic. Rodney meets up with practically everyone on Atlantis while searching for John. This is humorous and adorable, with great cameos from everyone.

Just Because the Odds Are Against You Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Try by [ profile] reddwarfer and by [ profile] djin7, NC-17, 20000 words, Rodney is a pro hockey player with a career-ending injury and John is an up-and-coming NFL player. Their casual sex with banter arrangement develops into a strong relationship that sustains John through challenges in his career. This fic has fantastic snarky dialogue, suspense, and an incredibly endearing ending. This fic also features Rodney being a boss in his field and both the guys looking sexy in their gear. I call that a win.

Driftglass by [ profile] melagan, NC-17, 7800 words, This AU is set in the late 1800's. John, impaired by a horse riding injury, is a professor and Rodney is a world-traveling adventurer who maintain a relationship through correspondence. This story starts when Rodney unexpectedly arrives to take John with him to study mysterious Egyptian artifacts in England. It has steamboats, Victorian innuendo, bed sharing, and wonderful John POV.

Right When You Least Expect It by Lastscorpion (no LJ), PG, 3176, Set after the end of the series, Atlantis is still in the San Francisco Bay, staffed by a skeleton crew. John is out as a gay man in San Francisco, which troubles (a very jealous) Rodney to no small degree. I love, love, love jealous!Rodney (and jealous!John, for that matter) and this was an excellent example of neurotic Rodney, blitzing out internally about all the action he's certain John's getting. This is an intensely readable fic, with highly enjoyable Rodney narrative.

Invaluable by [ profile] skinscript, G, 4850 words, Team Sheppard investigates ruins offworld and Rodney activates "the source of all truthful knowledge" (an alien device). Endowed with that knowledge, Rodney announces that he shouldn't have been part of the expedition and he's tendering his resignation. This fic is one of that wonderful, old-fashioned SGA fics with mysterious relics and John's underlying roiling passions beneath the cool facade. The characterization of John is the standout in this fic and he's restrained, internally turbulent, and deeply in love with Rodney here, just like I like him.

Nine Hearts by [ profile] fluffyllama, NC-17, 3071 words. Always-a-girl!Shep works for incredibly demanding always-a-girl!Rodney at a custom dessert molds company, despite having been fired repeatedly. This story is really funny, charming, and all over good -- from McKay firing Sheppard nine times to McKay getting pwned at paintball in a pants suit. John (Jane) has a crush and she's just adorable having it on whirlwind McKay.
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