Nov. 22nd, 2013 03:46 pm
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Awesome! The Killing was picked up by Netflix for a final season. I'm so happy about that. I was epically pissed (still am) at AMC when they canceled it at the obvious beginning of a major arc resolving Linden's actions in the season three finale. I can't wait for Holder's reaction to what Linden did. I wonder how it's going to affect their relationship and partnership. I wonder if Bullet's girl will be return this season (and if she does, what it would mean for the case and Linden). I also hope for at least a hug between Linden and Holder (ughhhhh I ship them so effing hard).

Yay, Netflix! Now I like it even better. Wasn't planning on canceling my subscription (I'm in for season two of Orange Is the New Black but now it's super locked in).

Oh, and I'm loving this community, [community profile] fancake, which is like a super active rec comm surrounding themes by month (I think). It's totally cool.
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Hey, does anybody know if the Oz box set has any features the individual seasons don't?
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So Halloween has come and gone again. I wore a sheet toga and watched some of the worst "horror" movies ever made with my girls (seriously, they were beyond bad). Everybody have a good time? Anybody experiencing Halloween hangover? :)

Have some spooky recs:
Realm of Dryads by Trinityofone, Gen, PG, Urgent creepy fic about Rodney racing through a forest offworld.

No Sunday School Picnic by Gottalovev, McKay/Sheppard, PG-13, A creepy forest and foreboding warnings from offworlders.

Like Honey, Like Sirens by Frith_in_thorns, Keller/Emmagan, PG, Teyla experiences changes, unsettling in how right they feel.


Oct. 25th, 2013 04:19 pm
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Good news, everyone! I invented that genetically engineered laser monster we were so excited about! My brother and sister-in-law had their second baby and I'm an aunt for the seventh time. I haven't mentioned it because it was pretty touch and go for a while, but the doctors say that Lahna is doing great. They delivered her a bit early and she had a surgery but she's home now and she's, like I said, doing great. I'm going over to my brother's house this weekend to look in at her (maybe hold her up and do the Lion King thing...but probably not... because it sounds like a bad idea). I have to say, because so many shitty things have happened this year, I felt like it just wouldn't happen but she's come through just fine. We needed some good news after my mom and my granddad. :)

On the fannish side of things, I have long ago received my marching orders from SGA Santa so I'm brainstorming and spying right now to try to find out what my recipient likes. I always like participating in the fic exchange but you've always got to worry if your giftee will like it. Anxiety! Happy, good anxiety, not bad anxiety!

Also on the fannish side of things, I was thinking maybe I should friend some people because it looks like communities aren't as busy with posts as individual journals are, so I'm open to any suggestions. I always worry it'll be intrusive if I friend somebody without talking to them first -- is that crazy? I like it when people friend me.

Oh hey, anybody watching any of the new shows I'm watching (of course I'm still about SGA and X-Files) -- Sleepy Hollow, Revenge (I know you are, [personal profile] fanarts_series, because of your quality posts on the Nolan/Patrick situation!), Breaking Bad, The Killing, Orphan Black, Orange Is the New Black, and Luther? Technically, I've already watched all of Breaking Bad, Luther, and The Killing (which AMC canceled because they are assholes, I guess).

I'm also watching Brooklyn Nine Nine because, you know, Andre Braugher (who is my shining star). And I loved him in Homicide Colon Life on the Street. And thought he should probably marry Tim Bayliss because he should. (And watching The Killing and shipping Holder/Linden brought back all the ferocious feelings of shipping I had for Pembleton/Bayliss.)

Hey, should I put this under a cut?


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