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You know I went to the Dragoncon back in the beginning of the month and, in addition to it being my (and the rest of the girls') first con, we met Mischa Collins and Tom Felton in the same hallway? I saw Mischa Collins and I was like... "That's Mischa Collins." It was pretty surreal. My sister goes, "Oh my gosh!" and Mischa Collins threw his arms out like her and said, "Oh my gosh!" His eyes were extremely blue and he was just impeccably handsome. Then, seriously, at the end of the same hallway, there was Tom Felton from Harry Potter. He was taking pictures and smiling and I snagged him while he was passing (not physically of course) and told him, "My niece loves you - could you shake her hand?" And he was all, "Of course." They both said bye and everything and they were both really nice and really handsome. I walked away and I realized that my hands were really shaking there.

Later that day, when everyone started getting impatient, my sister kept talking about how we'd shared the elevator with a really hot, very tall dark haired guy and no one but her had noticed. My response at the time was basically, "I couldn't care less." We were watching True Blood later when she identified the man as the actor who plays Alcide the werewolf. I was like...damn.

Of course the most awesome thing about Dragoncon happened on the FIRST DAY we were there! When I met DAVID NYKL!! He was so charming and energetic and charismatic - I can't say enough to describe how he commanded the room and kept everyone in stitches. I suppose that I and a couple other people asked if they could take pictures and the volunteers there relayed the question, to which David Nykl was like, "Knock yourselves out." For the rest of his panel, flashes were going off all the time. I took as many pictures as I could. I apologize for the quality. I'm not a photographer by trade or by skill, so...I have no eye for it. I missed two of his best hand gestures! Ugh!

At any rate - without any further ado, I give you: a David Nykl Dragon*con Picspam!!

Started with a preview...a poster designed by Pierre Bernard...

And then there were more! )

Other highlights of my Dragoncon experience were William Shatner's panel (he was awesome), Michael Rosenbaum's panel (hilarious and we were in the third row, center), seeing Tricia Helfer from far away but in person (I love her so much seriously), Amanda Tapping and Christopher Heyerdahl (they were really funny and Amanda Tapping was just really smart and quick and cute), and two cute women who were waiting in line for Tapping dressed as Sam Carter and Janet - I'm not too familiar with SG-1 but they were still cute.

PS. I'M AN AUNT AGAIN! My brother and sister-in-law had their first child five hours ago. I'm so happy for my brother. I can tell their little boy will be so spoiled.
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OMG, my birthday cake! My birthday was actually in March -- I wanted to post these pics but it took forever to get around to it!

My supremely fucking amazing birthday cake! )


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