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Heyya! Porn Battle XV: The Ides of Porn has opened for posting entries. There are loads of SGA prompts (loads of pairings), as well as XF prompts (listed under The X-Files) and Sleepy Hollow prompts for any fellow Ichabod/Abbie sympathizers... The prompts are in alphabetical order.

They're open for entries until the 13th, so there's STILL TIME! ;)

Also on Livejournal

Do I ever post anything of my own? Hmm...
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It's that time again (actually, it has been that time for a little while now, but) - Author Sign ups are open at SGA Reversebang. This year, there are 37 artists (I signed up, too) and much less authors who have signed up. So, if you could be compelled to do so, maybe sign up? ;)


Jan. 16th, 2014 06:25 pm
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Wonderful, wonderful. Between 2/14-2/23, the XF fandom fellas are holding a Scullyfest in celebration of Scully's fiftieth birthday. How cool is that? So if you're a Scully fan, sign up to do some art, fic, meta, picspam, Scully-related memoirs. :)

[community profile] scully_fest
A celebration for Dana Scully's 50th birthday!
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I have two more McShep Match fics to read. They look good so I'm looking forward to it. After that, I'm going back to the Reversebang fics I've yet to read (I'm about halfway through, I think but there are still a lot I haven't gotten to yet). After I'm done with these, I believe I will create a rec list of my favorites.
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Check it, people. [ profile] xf_is_love is back this year and bigger than ever. It's a whole month in which you can celebrate X-Files/wallow in fannish offerings. Pick a date, sign up, create your XF homage (fic, art, icons, meta, vids, podfic, etc), and post on your date. So, if you're interested in signing up (or lurking), check it out.

(Click on the banner.)

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Awesome news, guys. [community profile] sgareversebang went live two days ago. I was too sad I missed out last time, so I participated in this round.

[personal profile] auburn wrote an awesome Inception AU for my college AU art (I know - I made art? o.O) and I wrote a Little Mermaid AU for [personal profile] murderdetective's Little Mermaid fanart.

There's a Masterlist here, too, for perusal and fic-reading indecision.

In other news, my Nook is dead to me. Somebody dropped it or something (don't know, wasn't there) and the little touch screen is cracked right over the My Library button/image/thingy, making it impossible for me to open documents aka my cache of fan fiction. I called the company and they said I'm outside my one year warranty (sad face) so they can't fix it. Sucks. And this is the embarrassing part!! Per the IT guy's suggestion, I took it to the bookstore to have the guy there look at it. He looked at it, tried to open My Documents, whatever, that didn't work of course, then he hits Reading Now... I look over his shoulder and, holy shit, there's poooooorn all over the page. I see something about Sheppard getting very frisky all over Rodney's southern hemisphere... It happens that the last thing I was reading was a wonderful McShep AU that ended on an extremely explicit note. Even I'd thought, Now that's ending a fic with a bang. So...yes. That happened. I managed not to really bat a lash about it, but inside, I was like, oh my fucking FACEPALM... ;) I am a space cadet, I cannot tell you...

I also saw their new Simple Touch model and I want it so bad! My niece and my older sister have the Nook Color, so I know those are awesome, but I'm really about the eInk display that makes reading so pleasant. This one has the touch screen that makes the Color rock, but it has the eInk ease of reading. I know it doesn't bother some people to read on computers for a long time, but it hurts my eyes and gives me headaches. Unfortunately, I am without a reader for the time being and the foreseeable future because, brother, I'm broke. ;)
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I think I saw someone publicly list their current fandom tasks and it struck me as a good way to keep on track with said fandom tasks.

So, what I'm doing so far this year -
[ profile] scifipair20in20 for McKay/Sheppard <-- also done!
[ profile] atlantis20in20 for Hide & Seek <-- done

[ profile] hewliganbigbang <-- first draft is complete, needs final draft revision totally done now
[ profile] sga_genficathon <-- done
[community profile] sgareversebang <-- done
[community profile] romcomorama
[ profile] au_bigbang <-- first draft done
[ profile] atlantisbigbang <-- dropped out as an author/signed up as an artist

I'm doing McKay/Sheppard for the Big Bangs, and I'm thinking about doing BSG RPF (Katee Sackhoff/Tricia Helfer) as a second AUBB in addition to my McShep one or if I should wait and use my plotline for the RPF Big Bang (which happens later). I used to have trouble actualizing ships in fic, so I initially wrote gen character pieces, but I'm kind of anticipating difficulty in reining my McShep tendencies in for the Genficathon.

I have to polish my HBB story up, then I think I'll start on my Genficathon entry.

...what I am doing? Um...watching BSG and writing a sentient!cylonlogicbomb ficlet?? /facepalm
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I've dementedly signed up for several fandom activities, even knowing what a dreadful jerk I am about deadlines~

[ profile] hewliganbigbang <- also done!
[ profile] sga_santa <- also done
[ profile] stargate365days <- Abandoned, I think
[ profile] scifipair20in20 <- DONE!

Why do I do this? Ah well. LOL

Saw Joe's Wedding )
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OMG, Big Bang 2009 went live yesterday, and it's just like Christmas. I'm looking at all these totally f-ing awesome stories and awesome artwork, getting so jazzed up! And 25 of them are McShep! I'm so excited! I have, like, loads on my to-read list. I participated this year, so I have artists!! My artists are so amazing -- they did a fantastic job, and I just love what they came up with! And the archive looks spectacular! I love the Cartoon Heroes skin. (I really, really hope this isn't the last SGABB, because I really love it.) And in the middle of this, I have to study for a test on Tuesday. Ksigh.

Hold up, I'll post some links. :)
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Whoa, OMG, it's over. I totally made it in time. ♥ I can't guarantee the quality, but I finished it.

I hope everyone wrote McShep! ♥! ♥! Excitement!


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