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Guess that's me. It's been 3 months so I thought I'd show my face. Otherwise, internet society might get the idea that I was abducted by aliens or something. I wish I had more to show for my absence, like a long story or a whole mess of icons or something, but unfortunately, I have nothing to offer of that kind. My fanfiction is pretty broke right now, so I've been resting up and focusing on coursework. You guys know that I'm in university. I opted to do the express summer session, so I'm not busy per se but there's still work I have to do every day. You may know that I dropped out of the SGA Reversebang. Aww, the first time in three years I had to drop out but with the college situation, my mom's birthday being last month, and my broken fanfiction, I thought it would be best to withdraw rather than turning in a crappy fic. That makes it sound like I think my regular fics are fantastic -- not so!

I've been doing a lot of coursework by day and marathoning The Wire by night. I finished one semester, started another, and finished watching The Wire. Oh, and Orphan Black came back on so that was fun, too.

I'm pretty enamored with Omar Little right now. He's so awesome. I know Omar is everyone's favorite but I think I probably watch the show wrong, because I'm lukewarm about the cops (McNulty -- yawn, Bunk -- 'kay) and I'm waaaay more interested in the dealers (Stringer Bell, Bodie, Michael Lee, Snoop and Chris) and the kids from seasons 4-5 (poor Dukie and Michael and Randy). I'm probably watching Orphan Black wrong, too, because my favorite isn't Cosima (I don't know what's wrong with me), it's Sarah. And I hate, hate, hate Sarah/Paul but so far, I'm pretty good on Sarah/Cal (and Felix/Morgue dude -- who knew Felix cared that much, huh? He was so nervous when he was getting dressed for their date).

What about McShep? I'm wearing my McKay & Sheppard shirt right now as I write this. I haven't forgotten them. I love them and their dorky love. I'll get back to them (soon, probably) but for now, I'm expanding my fictional horizons a bit.


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